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April 07, 2016
We’d like to thank Hiroko-San for her involvement with JapaneseTutor. Here is her testimonial about her experience during her 30 Days Free Trial:
JapaneseTutor.com.au helped me a lot find people who are motivated to learn Japanese.
I have previously used different social medias and advertisements but it had been quite challenging for me to find students.
However, soon after a staff of JapaneseTutor.com.au helped me upload my profile on its website, quite few people contacted me.
Even though each student of mine has different aim and reason to start learning Japanese, one thing that all of them have is a strong passion about Japanese language. I am very grateful that I can use my knowledge and ability to help them out.
I do appreciate JapaneseTutor.com.au that I could have these precious opportunities to meet each one of my student. I do hope and expect that JapaneseTutor.com.au creates more opportunities for  Japanese tutors and students, seeking for their tutors. “
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